9th November, Oxford Friends Meeting House, St Giles, Oxford

Focus on Islam and Mental Health with Imam Monawar Hussain

Following a successful Faith and Health Conference in 2016, OCSW together with the OHFT chaplains will be convening the first of what is planned to be an annual forum.  The forum will:

  • aid awareness, communication and understanding of those issues that effect both faith communities and health & social care providers;       

  • act as a focus for discussion and dissemination of ideas;

  • promote opportunities for mutual learning


10th November 2017, 9.30 – 4.30

Rowan room, Learning & Development, Unipart Conference Centre, Oxford

Psycho-spiritual Care in Healthcare and Therapeutic Contexts

Qualitative research amongst mental healthcare and end of life care service users (Nolan, 2011; Pargament, 2011) has produced significant evidence that spirituality in the form of psychologically informed spiritual care can be a source of support, inspiration, hope and recovery. The evidence suggests that whilst there is a developing interest in the UK and elsewhere in incorporating spiritual understandings within healthcare and in counselling and psychotherapy contexts, in reality there is a gap between theory and practice. 

To develop an effective, holistic and inclusive approach, care practitioners across healthcare disciplines must work collaboratively to understand the complex, significant relationships between their patients' and clients medical, therapeutic and spiritual requirements.

This workshop bridges the gap between care disciplines to present a vision of wellbeing enriched by a synthesis of psychological and spiritual approaches. This workshop uses the concept of psycho-spiritual care to consider:

  • Spirituality, faith and health;

  • The context of spiritual care: Historical and contemporary understandings;

  • Understandings of psycho-spiritual care in healthcare and therapeutic contexts;

  • Therapeutic approaches and psycho-spiritual care;

  • Radical Presence;

  • Research in psycho-spiritual care.

Open to all health and social care professionals who are seeking to develop their skills in psychologically informed spiritual care. 


21st Sept | 19th Oct | 16th November | 7th December at the Oxford Friends Meeting House 

Explorations in Psycho-Spiritual Care 2017:

A series of personal and professional development workshops for health & social care professionals, counsellors & psychotherapists, chaplains and faith leaders who want to deepen their practice of psycho-spiritual care.  The themes of each day will be developed by various  speakers in the morning and considered together in facilitated reflective practice groups in the afternoon.


Speakers are:

  • 21st September  -  Victoria Slater

  • 19th October      -  Jill Buckeldee

  • 16th November  -  David Elliot

  • 7th December    -  Harriot Barlow