A webinar presentation with experiential exercises

Tuesday 31 March 2020 on Zoom

Presenter: Kate Binnie 


NB: Owing to the COVID-19 emergency measures,
we changed the format of this event to a webinar.


View the powerpoint slides (pdf file)

This talk introduces some ways to use the power of the breath to integrate body and mind, why this “works” and how a simple daily practice can help to keep ourselves steady, calm and anchored at a time of universal anxiety. Kate Binnie introduces the topic and leads us in experiential practice, followed by discussion and questions. 

About the presenter
Kate Binnie is a music therapist, mindful yoga teacher and researcher. Her recent work with the Life of Breath Project investigated the potential for breath-body-mind integration techniques to help people living with chronic breathlessness. Kate gives bi-annual training workshops at OxCERPC and works clinically and in the community with people living with chronic and life-limiting conditions.

This event is supported by the Thames Valley Wellbeing Network, funded by Health Education England.   


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